Tree Surgery

We can provide a fully comprehensive service from initial surveys to removals and stump grinding. All our members are fully NTPC qualified and experienced, we can undertake small residential jobs to large commercial contracts. Typical tree surgery works include;

Crowning lifting: removal of the lower limbs

Crown thinning: removal of a small percentage from within the crown

Crown reduction: reducing the size of the crown

Pollarding: Heavy and regular pruning

Felling: Complete removal

Stump grinding: Removing the stump and a portion of the roots

Some tree works will require permission from a local authority, we always access each individual tree and advise the most appropriate works. If the tree in question has a Preservation Order on it or is within a Conservation area we can submit a standard planning application for the works. We regularly carry out works to trees with TPOS and that are in Conservations area and work closely with the local authority when dealing with these special trees.